• 2019.03.29

“SkySound” is a new AI analysis module, produced by SKYDISC, that simulates human hearing

The AI uses sound to perform product inspection emulating the experienced “human ear” for quality assurance judgement.

Fukuoka City, Tokyo Mar29, 2019 / - Skydisc, Inc. (Head office: Fukuoka city in Japan, CEO: Osamu Hashimoto) has released the AI analysis module “SkySound” that simulates the characteristics of human hearing. “SkySound” can support your product inspection process in a manner that, today, can only be accomplished by skilled engineers. The module will help you automate production processes, equalize product quality, and reduce the labor force on your factory floor, when it is integrated into your system.

FFT(*) analysis is widely used for sound data analysis, however its mechanism is quite different from the way human ears normally judge abnormalities. This means that the characteristic components of a sound that a person would hear and judge, and those chosen by an FFT analysis would be largely different. FFT analysis is also known to have lower accuracy for certain types of sound than the human ear.

“SkySound” combines various feature extraction methods to create large amounts of feature data (10,000 + ) from one minute of sound data. The generated feature data is analyzed to extract the essence of the features using our Big data analysis technology. The combination of feature creation, feature refinement, and analysis technology has made it possible to detect sound features that were difficult to capture with conventional methods.


Development Background of "SkySound"

SKYDISC has provided a cloud service "AI Machine checker" that can judge the maintenance status of factory machines by "sounds" recorded from the microphone of a smartphone. The smartphone app can show the resultant health status, this enables a service that was only possible before with skilled technicians.

However, there was a lot of demand from customers for different deployment models. As such we decided to develop a high precision sound analysis module via an API rather than providing a smartphone app so that our clients can easily incorporate it into their system.

How to use “SkySound”

1) SKYDISC provides consulting service on how to obtain the best sound data
2) You then acquire sound data using a microphone, to record a sufficient amount of sound data.
3) SKYDISC then creates an evaluation AI learning model using "SkySound"
4) SKYDISC also evaluates the accuracy of evaluation AI learning model
5) Together we then develop a system incorporating "SkySound".
6) You then deploy the functioning system.
6*) SKYDISC can also provide continual support if required.

 Use cases

・ Concrete hammering test
・ Product inspection such as motors in a production line
・ Factory equipment maintenance which skilled engineers perform by listening to noise generated by machines

※ Because it is also necessary to extract features from abnormal data as well as normal data, it can only be used for applications where a good amount of abnormal data is available

“SkySound” is provided as one of the AI modules on SkyAI, the factory AI platform, that provides different types of AI modules to improve the productivity on the factory floor. SKYDISC is also developing further modules beyond “SkySound”:

・ Failure factor analysis module (under development)
・ Vibration data analysis module (under development)
・ More modules coming

*FFT: Abbreviation of Fast Fourier Transform, which transforms time sound data into frequency domain. It tells you which frequency component is included in the sound data and how big each frequency is.

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