• 2018.10.17

AI implementation for visual inspection tasks to reduce workload Presenting the AI Product Inspection Machine at the 2018 CEBIT ASEAN THAILAND

The demo set contains a pre-installed conveyor belt, a camera-based data acquisition system and a built-in AI system

In cooperation and joint development with Synapse Gear (headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, representative director: Yasutaka Mizutani, hereafter “Synapse Gear”) and Office FA.com Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Oyama, Tochigi Prefecture, representative director: Hideki Ino, hereafter “Office FA.com”), Skydisc Inc. is proud to present the AI Product Inspection Machine (name undecided, hereafter AI product inspection machine) with AI-based image analysis feature at the “CEBIT ASEAN THAILAND,” to be held on October 18th (Thurs) to 20th (Sat), 2018.


Major functions of the AI Product Inspection Machine

1.  Automatic determination of defective products in conveyor belts using AI
2. Easy installation on any existing conveyor belts
3. Data collection for improved AI learning
4. Sorting assistance with a built-in marker function that places a spotlight on defective products

Customers can also select the package form that fits their respective environments, such as customizing to add ejecting functions for defective products or to add movement control functions to match other lines.    

Background of the AI Product Inspection Machine development

Typical product inspection machines have trouble dealing with defects that are not included in the inspection database, oftentimes these require additional rigorous manual human inspection, which adds to cost. By designing an AI system that can learn to detect new defective products from new data, the accuracy of the AI system can continuously be improved. By having this as the main feature, we developed the AI Product Inspection Machine that can learn to inspect a large variation of products automatically, making it possible to reduce the number of personnel working on manual product inspections.

However, in order to develop the AI system to have high inspection accuracies and performance, creating a large image data collection system and maintaining the product quality of the images to be used in training and inference were necessary. Thus, our company formed a joint collaboration with Synapse Gear, a company with rich experience in designing industrial equipment using AI, and with Office AF.com, a company whose strength is in the manufacturing, control, and system development of industrial robots. Together, we developed a comprehensive AI-based product inspection machine system (hereafter, this system) that could be put to practical use in a wide range of industrial applications.

The AI product inspection machine we designed is able to customize the lighting and imaging method used, making it possible to take images of large variations of products that are perfectly adequate for learning and testing.

Our company can also provide services in imaging, annotating, and testing of the AI application in a simulated environment. Customers who are considering the AI system can conduct prior testing and inspections in an environment similar to the actual environment.

At present, our company is already providing the “AI Machine Checker” product package, which is our flagship product that can conduct machine inspections using sound and vibration data, which also makes use of AI technology in Smart Factories. Complementing this product is the “Manufacturing Process Analysis” package, which is able to analyze work data in order to prevent the occurrence of defective products in advance. In line with this, we have added the newly-developed AI Product Inspection Machine to our product lineup, in order to solve more diverse factory problems in the future.


We have prepared a video for this new product, hope you can take some time to view and enjoy the video.



Release of the video presentation for this service

We will introduce more details of this service at the “CEBIT ASEAN THAILAND,” to be held on October 18th (Thurs) to 20th (Sat), 2018.

Check out more CEBIT ASEAN THAILAND details in http://cebitasean.com/



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