• 2018.04.20

SKYDISC launces “Production Process Data Analysis Package” service through AI technology, as smart factory solutions.

Skydisc, Inc.. (Head Office located in Fukuoka, Japan, CEO Osamu Hashimoto  (herein after referred to our company) starts to provide data analysis service that gives the improvement of production process to find out variable parameters for the cause of defective output and/or improving quality assurance from bulky data (such as operating data of each machine or process output data of production line) in factory.

This service is based on our know-how which is analyzed and accumulated from various data of the factory.

The manufacturing process of the factory already has been automated, however it may cause a decrease in yield or defective products due to parameter setting of equipment and change of external environment.

We have developed an AI analytical model that estimates parameters that will cause them by analyzing the vast amount of data in the factory.

In this service, we analyze manufacturing process data using this AI and report the results.

Using this report, the clients will be able to further increase factory productivity.

Why do we create the package ?

During proposing smart factory to our client by our company, we heard that “the solution of trouble shooting of the machine operation with production line that duly on the experience of the professional operator and individualistic too much”, many times.

We are proposing smart factory making, the clients often say, “When we have problems with the operation of equipment on the production line, only skilled technicians can be reliable and sensible on this matter .”

In addition we realized that there are topics that the customer needs to solve as follows:

 – They recognized the necessary counter point when the problem occurred, but they don’t have confidence about it.

 – They have a lot of output data that but not only no method to use, but also no one analyze.

 – They analyzed the output data by their selves, but no any valuable result.

The Ranking List of Related Variable to Defective
(Horizontal axis:
Influence of the variable)


These reasons prevent customers to establish an improvement plan based on output data, and they can’t proceed to enhance new equipment and to start new solution also. Our “Production Process Data Analysis Package” can discover that 1. which equipment or production line, 2. which part (in process) is making and 3. what behavior and what kind of status are related, for the bottle neck problem in production process. It’s able to make tangible plan easier to solve this problem, because of that it will be capture the cause of defective occurrence and the key of improvement for increasing productivity, and eventually improve production process more effectively.


What is “Production Process Data Analysis Package”?

This is a solution package to analyze operating data, that is stocked data in equipment itself, such as saved process data inside PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and/or DCS(Decentralize Control System), through AI technology .


 – Customer will send current saved data to our company.

 – We will evaluate the sent data. If the data is incomplete, we request to send additional data.(Also available to make an advice to collect necessary data)

 – Our company reforms the data and analyzes it by AI.

 – We will have a meeting for “Cause Analysis Report”

 – If customer needs AI for early warning for malfunction or improving yield, proceed to prepare a requirement definition.


3,000,000 – (Tax-excluded)


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CEO: Osamu Hashimoto
Establishment: Oct. 1, 2013

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TOPINFOSKYDISC launces “Production Process Data Analysis Package” service through AI technology, as smart factory solutions.


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